About Kangaroo Global


About Us

At Kangaroo Global, we manufacture products that offer everyone the opportunity to experience a blessed sleep.

The Kangaroo Spring Bed collection is dedicated to perfecting the sleep experience. Founded in 1998, Kangaroo Global began as a superior Spring Bed manufacturer. The corporate vision was to design and manufacture the highest quality mattress products at a competitive price backed by unmatched customer service.

Our efficient production process is a result of investment in state of the art technology. Our success is a result of using high quality materials, incorporating creative design, and insisting on superior construction.

Our spring beds are constructed with our very own proprietary foam. We insist on producing the best foam possible so that when combined with our custom spring coil designs, the result is a most comfortable and healthy sleep.

Our mattress products are designed to meet the highest anti-fungal standards with certified hygiene controls.

Our International Headquarters is located in Pekanbaru, Indonesia with nine manufacturing plants strategically located within the country.